Contest: help me name this photo

Q Weddings’ first ever contest (other than the one we had on September 29, which has everyone stumped).

You know how important the photo title is to me.  I somehow cannot bring myself to name this one, though I have some ideas.  I’ll give you a whole dollar if you send the best name ever. 

Note:  judges’ decisions are final.


8 Responses to “Contest: help me name this photo”

  1. Eric Says:

    “Artists Garbage”

  2. andre vospette Says:

    Slow race between balls of painters tape.

  3. Karen Phillips Says:

    a painters tumbleweeds

  4. Cheryl Finfrock Says:

    Sticking with you.

  5. Erin Says:


  6. Chad Says:

    Sorry to be gross Suzi but this one was easy.

    “Blue Balls”

  7. Suzi Says:

    Yes! You got it! Apparently it was not so easy, did you see what everyone else came up with? Good stuff, but not the winning entry. One Dollar, headed your way…

  8. Chad Says:

    Yeah! Got the dollah!!! Thanks Suzi…

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