Eastside Showroom klezmer band

Loved this klezmer band at the Eastside Showroom, during the Mazzel Tov Cocktail Hour.  Shockingly, we left in the middle of the first set because we had an out of town guest and we wanted said guest to see Dale Watson at the Continental Club.  That turned out to be quite the entertaining show too (no surprise there!).  Our out of town guest had the total Austin experience of great food at a cool restaurant and two live bands within one night.


Technical notes:  I’m shooting a bunch of old film that everyone keeps unloading on me.  Their loss, my gain!  This was Supra 800, circa 1998?  It is insanely grainy.  Use sparingly.  Only 30 more rolls to use up, might take me well into the next decade to use it all.  And don’t even get me started on how I’ll ever use all that 100VS slide film in my freezer!

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