Room Fu guest room makeover

Room Fu had a contest to do a makeover on a guest room.  Although I didn’t photograph the “before”, I thoroughly enjoyed documenting the “after”.  Robin and her team did a knock-out job with their fantastic use of color and texture and furniture down to the choice of vases.  There’s even artwork from Judy Paul (one of my favorite local Austin artists).  Congrats to Neesha and Jeff, the winners of this stunning remodel.

The full story is on Room Fu’s blog, but this part of the redo gave me goosebumps:  “To finish things off, Claire nabbed a shawl from Neesha, which happened to coordinate beautifully with the design of the room. Neesha said that this was a testament to how much the room reflected her personal style–because the shawl was one of her favorite things.”





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  1. Neesha D. Says:

    Thank you for taking such beautiful photos of my new room! The way you captured it does it justice. :) I keep coming back to the beautiful photos — even though I have the real thing in my own home!

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