Santa Monica Ocean Front Walk

Santa Monica is the last thing before the Pacific Ocean.  Actually the very last thing is my ultimately favorite skate path, followed by the sand, then the water.  I also like the Ocean Front Walk up on the bluff and the pier with the ferris wheel always makes me nostalgic.

I was intrigued when I discovered an old roll of film, circa 2004, a test roll from my Russian panoramic camera.  It was having light leaks and then that ended up being part of the charm of these images.  They’re so dreamy and I’m afraid the horizontals going to be just too tiny for y’all to see, but here they are.

P.S.  Fred and April, lovers of the LA Beach AND vintage cameras, these are especially for you!






2 Responses to “Santa Monica Ocean Front Walk”

  1. Nessa K Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I could live in these.

  2. Suzi Says:

    Glad you like! They surprised me (pleasant surprise). Hope to meet you soon…

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