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People are reading

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Curious about Communication | No Response


You’re reading my posts.
How do I know?
I have received several emails from people who thought they might be the “non responders” that I have been lamenting about.  I had to giggle a bit.

When I say that certain people don’t respond, they truly don’t respond.
They most certainly wouldn’t write me to ask if they are the non responders I’ve described.
So…I command you:

Stop feeling guilty.

And sorry if I made people feel guilty.
Not my intent.
I’m just being a sleuth and trying to figure out the mystery of non responders.

I do have one friend who never responds and we live about three miles apart.
Occasionally I bump into her around town and I joke with her about how we should get together, but probably won’t because she doesn’t respond.  And she laughs and says, “yeah…I know…I don’t respond”.

Somehow, I managed — through email — to get this person to agree to be interviewed.
It was revealing!
Turns out this person answers emails all day long for business (emails that involve lots of careful writing since she is in public relations).  She’s a quick responder and gets it done.
When it comes to personal emails, she doesn’t respond because it just feels like more work to her.
Naturally, like everyone, when she’s done with work, she wants her down time.

how many times do you ring a doorbell?

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Curious about Communication | Adapting


I mentioned in the previous post about two people who never respond to me.  Ever.
I get on with them quite well.
Great colleagues or clients who also happen to be great friends.
We have fantastic times when we see each other.
And then…silence.

Other interviewees said that happened to them too.
They just couldn’t get an email response, no matter what.


Adapt to their style of communication.
Stop emailing.
Pick up the phone.
Not working?  Try a text.
Maybe even stop by their place, ring the doorbell.
Is that considered too stalker like?
What if they live a few time zones away?

Does anyone else have suggestions?

we are a 24-7 society

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Curious about Communication | Successful People on a Friday Night


When I decided that I wanted to improve my communications and help others do the same, I did a little Google research.
Then more.  I could tell it was somehow related to productivity and Getting Things Done.  But I wasn’t really getting real life-applicable answers.  That’s when I thought of the interviews.

8:00pm on a Friday:
I emailed the people listed in yesterday’s communication post, requesting an interview.

9:00pm on that same Friday:
I had heard back from 70% of the subjects.

I was pretty surprised by how quickly people got back to me!
Even on date night, I had a huge response in just one hour.
All of them agreed to participate.

[Except for two people who never responded.  But then again, they never respond…I emailed them as a sort of control group, just to see if they would respond when they chronically have never responded to me.  That’s a whole other blog post…coming soon.]

Suzi’s Sweeping Conclusions?

•  Successful people respond quickly (or are they successful because they respond quickly?)
•  We are a 24-7 society, checking iPhones and Blackberrys constantly.
•  There’s just not much good on tv on Friday nights