we are a 24-7 society

Curious about Communication | Successful People on a Friday Night


When I decided that I wanted to improve my communications and help others do the same, I did a little Google research.
Then more.  I could tell it was somehow related to productivity and Getting Things Done.  But I wasn’t really getting real life-applicable answers.  That’s when I thought of the interviews.

8:00pm on a Friday:
I emailed the people listed in yesterday’s communication post, requesting an interview.

9:00pm on that same Friday:
I had heard back from 70% of the subjects.

I was pretty surprised by how quickly people got back to me!
Even on date night, I had a huge response in just one hour.
All of them agreed to participate.

[Except for two people who never responded.  But then again, they never respond…I emailed them as a sort of control group, just to see if they would respond when they chronically have never responded to me.  That’s a whole other blog post…coming soon.]

Suzi’s Sweeping Conclusions?

•  Successful people respond quickly (or are they successful because they respond quickly?)
•  We are a 24-7 society, checking iPhones and Blackberrys constantly.
•  There’s just not much good on tv on Friday nights

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