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Why does a photographer start pretending to be Studs Terkel?
Besides being completely buggered by nonresponders. I thought I might learn a thing or two to improve my own communications.

So by the transitive postulate
(yes, I did take 10th grade geometry and this proves how much I remember of it):
In teaching myself be a better communicator, maybe what I learned could then help other people improve their communications.
Somehow making the world a better place.

I know there are productivity specialists who do this for a living.
No need to reinvent the wheel.
But maybe I could tap into the great minds around me, see what they use for a communication system.
Here are some of the talented people I interviewed:

•  engineer who helped create the iPhone camera
•  CFO of a publishing house
•  car industry expert
•  director of global PR (dotcom)
•  tv chef and author
•  business coach
•  manager of technical services (dotcom)
•  executive assistant at a major art museum
•  small business owners (photographers)
•  business owner with 11 employees
•  VP of sales (dotcom)
•  event coordinators
•  floral designer
•  general manager of manufacturing firm, 50 employees
•  real estate mogul
•  three moms

On a side note, the moms, who had put their careers on hold or who were running a business on the side, had completely different communication strategies than the white collar professionals.  The moms were truly working 24-7.  They answered email and phone when they could, usually at 5am or when making mac-n-cheese.  They were easily the most challenged communicators I encountered and understandably so.

I think I could do an entire study with moms as my guinea pigs.
Moms, rest easy. While I did take geometry, I didn’t make it far in the sciences.

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