a reminder system for your brain

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Some people keep all emails in their inbox. 
This system involves:
•  some flagging
•  some deleting
•  little or no filing. 
•  using the search tool to find emails.

Some people move the emails into some kind of action folder.
This system involves:
•  writing the response email
•  filing
•  going through specific mailboxes to find emails

I’m a filing kind of person. 
As emails come in, they distract me (ding! ding!) if they pile up in a disorderly fashion.

I’ve found it easier for me to compartmentalize the emails in order to see what I have to do.
Just for you, I’ve made a screenshot of my email inbox and filing.
It’s a hybrid of some ideas in Getting Things Done.
I’m always honing it, but for now, it’s working.
Especially after all the great tips I picked up during my interviews about communication!

I hope this has been a helpful series. 
Enjoy the holiday photos in December and I’ll think of a new series to do for next year.
Suzi Q


2 Responses to “a reminder system for your brain”

  1. Yvette Says:

    Can you please come and live with me and be my wife? I want my whole life to look like your email folders. Please?

  2. Jenny DeMarco Says:

    oh goodie…was hoping you would publish this. I forgot to write it down when you gave that talk at the last PUG meeting. Still tweaking my own in-box filing system. I am going to have to add ‘waiting for answer’

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