Baby Boomers versus Gen X versus Gen Y

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Texting.  Causing a scuffle between Baby Boomers and Gen X and Gen Y.  Can’t we all just get along?

Texting was a hot button in my survey.
People were not Anti-Text, they just didn’t want it used in the workplace.

they often had to because their co-workers or employees were texting.

Example #1
One person said that for months he had repeatedly asked his employees to use email or phone, but the texting continued.  And still continues.  This makes him not happy…he sounded pretty peeved about it.

Example #2
Another person had fired several employees for this very reason.  She felt that her insubordinates should use the communication that she preferred.  In other words, she was the boss.

Example #3
Yet another person had to beg her interns to use email instead of text.

This last person was a guinea pig in my survey.  I chose her because she was 26 years old.  I wanted to see if there really was a generational difference.  She totally blew my assumptions to bits.  She was an ardent email and phone user, with all the good habits of a successful business person (which she is, by the way).  Her interns were aged 21-24, literally the same age as her.

That was the key!  It isn’t an age thing or what generation you’re part of that predicts your communication habits when it comes to business.  If you’re in any kind of position of responsibility, with multiple clients or projects, then you use email and phone.  Small business owners, managers, executives…all know the importance of a paper trail.  Employees and interns, maybe they haven’t had to learn the lesson of a lost contract or remembering the details of a conversation across several emails.

What is the future for texting?  Will it take over the world?

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