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Curious about Communication | Voicemail Solutions


Sometimes not responding is about not having a system.
I have to confess:  I have been notoriously forgetful about responding to voicemails.

I would not realize that I had missed a call.
Or I would be in the middle of something and let it go to voicemail.
Then I would not see that I had a voicemail, sometimes for three days.
Then I would curse and in a panic, listen to the voicemail.
Then I would promptly forget what was in the voicemail, especially if I was in the middle of a few other tasks.
Then I would forget to respond to the voicemail.
Communication Fail.  Big big fail.
My apologies to anyone has waited in vain for me to return a call.

In conducting my interviews, I solicited ideas.
Here are a few simple and effective suggestions:

1)  Answer the phone.  Then you don’t have to check voicemail.
2)  Screen the call, compose your thoughts, then call back within five minutes
3)  Old fashioned, but still in use:  check messages twice a day, jotting down info with pen and paper.

And one more solution which has been a godsend for me.  Stay tuned for it tomorrow!

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