Carl Sagan said it: billions upon billions

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Many of you have taken this holiday as a day off.
What’s happening with your email today?
Have you resisted the urge to check it?

Why I ask (while I stuff myself with turkey confit) is that I know when I take a day off or when I travel, my email piles up.
I come back to what seems like billions upon billions of emails!  It can seem daunting.
It’s probably why everyone checks email all day long, just to keep the volume at a level that’s manageable.
Wondering if anyone else feels so slammed by the deluge, I asked people in my interviews how many emails they got each day.

100-300 emails per day

[Included the following items]
Product Announcements
Goofy Jokes from your mom
honest-to-goodness communications

Of those, how many really, truly needed a response:
20-30 emails per day

(with a few people having to answer 30-50 emails per day)

I know this can’t hold true for everyone, but it was consistent in my little survey.

20-30 emails…
Doesn’t seem like that many.
Can it truly be that difficult to answer those and do so in a timely fashion?

P.S.  Email Overachievers:
If you have over 100 emails to answer every day:
a)  I salute you
b)  share your tips for getting it done!

P.P.S.  Yesterday, the day before a major holiday in a recession during the shopping season totally hijacked my average results.   I received over 300 emails of newsletters, sales, and coupons.  My deleting finger is tired!

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