Do you not like me?

Curious about Communication | Messages we send


Okay, I’ll confess.
One of the reasons I was curious about communication is that this past year I have been stymied by people not responding, even after multiple attempts on my part.

Being a sensitive artist, my first reaction was to take it personally.
Did the person not like me?
Did I say something offensive?

One of my interview subjects, a business coach, told me that I absolutely could not take it personally.  “People are busy.  Or maybe they aren’t as organized as you are.  Besides, they have 48 hours to respond to a business communication.”

Okay, okay, so I put on my tough skin and didn’t let it get to me.
But then I thought, what if it’s because they don’t have a system?
Can it really take 13 days to respond to an email?
(true story! It was a colleague who didn’t even acknowledge in her email that it had taken her that long to answer one simple question) (yes, I’m a guilty party in this exchange, but I have since learned techniques to help it along…more on that soon).

Organized or not, people do make choices.
They prioritize in some fashion as to what they’ll get done.
If they decide not to respond
default into not responding due to lack of a system
then they are implying

“you are not important enough for me to respond to you.”


It’s not intentional, but just remember that when you fail to answer someone.
You really do like them, don’t you?

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