The best thing since sliced bread

Curious about Communication | Email or phone, which one?


My friend was watching a movie from the 80s with her son.After watching for a bit, he turned to her and asked, “mommy why is the phone attached to the wall?”
Ah, those were the days.  Getting tangled up in a phone cord is soon to be a forgotten art form.

So, do you use a phone?

I figured that the older the person, the more they’d use the phone, since that’s what they grew up with.
But no!  Check it out:
From my small sampling of white collar professionals, aged 26-57, 
of the people I interviewed had adapted email as their primary mode of communication.

They even preferred it over using the phone.
For them, email is the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread.

But don’t rule out the other 15% who preferred using the phone.  They had their reasons.
Here’s the whys:

•  Talking on the phone is personable, with ability to show inflection (especially good to close a deal)
•  Talking on the phone is unconfusing..resolves conflicts
•  Talking on the phone allows for set up of meetings without a lot of back and forth

•  Email gives a paper trail (super important for anyone in a position of responsibility, for business owners, for keeping track of contracts and legal documents)
•  Email gives people time to compose their thoughts
•  Email does not interrupt what people are doing

Regardless of the person’s individual preference, here’s how email and phone were being used in reality by my interviewees.

Email used for business
50-90% of all communications

Phone used for business
10-50% of all communications

I know there’s a big ol’ communication universe out there with more than just email and phone.  More on that tomorrow.  I can tell you’re transfixed…

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