Greta Garbo would not be a good at email

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Mysterious Greta Garbo kept her life private.
While that’s intriguing, it’s really bad for email.
Email content needs to be obvious.

1)  Keep the thread visible.

Yes, it makes a short email seem longer.
But if the context of the email is removed, then your email recipient has to go back and open previous emails to know what was being said.
That extra bit of effort on their part will irk them and they might take longer to respond.

2) Change the name of the subject when an email morphs from one topic to another.

It takes a few moments.
It saves you time both now and later. 
You will know instantly, before even opening the email what topic is inside.
Later on, you’ll be able to find the archived email much easier.

Just don’t make your emails enigmatic.

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