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Curious about Communication | Response Times


How fast do people respond to emails?
Whether your inbox is empty or overflowing, one thing is a constant. 
Everyone I interviewed had quick email response times.

How fast?
If not immediately, then within 24 hours.
Or, by the end of the day. Like leftovers in the fridge, no one wanted to see an email from the previous day.

Never ending
People lamented that they were always answering emails.  Everyone had hopes that they could only open their email program once or twice a day, but the reality was they were checking email all day long.

There was also guilt if an email went unanswered more than three or four days.  This was entirely limited to business emails.  People felt no guilt about taking two weeks to answer personal emails from friends and family.

Witty responses to my question of “how quickly do you respond to email?”
“How pretty is she?” (joking)
“How much money will I make?” (not joking)
“I answer within one hour or never.  Some things are meant to be dropped.” (joking or not joking…I wasn’t sure)

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