Invent the paper clip

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Invent the paper clip.

My dad used to tell me that.  He said I’d be set up for life if I found a 10 cent fix for everyone’s problems.

With that in mind, I present some Communication Pet Peeves.
If we know what they are, then they can be fixed.

Here’s my version of David Letterman’s Top Ten List, starting with yesterday’s subject:

1)  people who only use text

2)  poor spelling and grammar
One interviewee said that with all the spell checkers, this just shows laziness.

3)  24-7 expectations.
People are having trouble setting boundaries and respecting boundaries.

4)  Over punctuation!!!!!!!!

5)  Ditto for smileys.  :-)  :-)  :-)

6)  lack of salutations
Another interviewee said that it made emails seem more terse than they really were

7)  using email to avoid a phone call

8)  no consolidation
Just too many places to answer (email, phone, text, Facebook, etc, etc) for both business and then personal on top of that.

9)  no response to an email or phone call


10)  no land line
One interviewee misses having a land line that she can slam down every now and again.

Okay, so maybe she had gotten a bit riled up while listing her pet peeves.


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