Do you have 48,207 emails in your inbox?

Curious About Communication:  The Email Inbox


I’m a curious person by nature and this past year I’ve noticed certain trends in communication, at least in my circle of colleagues and friends.  Recently I took it upon myself to conduct an informal survey about email methods and phone and such.  I’m posting what I discovered today, tomorrow and every day in November!

Fret not, I will still be posting my Photo-of-the-Day.

There is a debate about whether one should clear their email inbox or not.  I’m not casting my vote either way, but here is some of the data I found from interviewing people who are successful.

Below are the top 5 winners who had the most emails in their inbox.

48, 207 – Director of Global PR for a well-known

40,000 – real estate mogul

17,110 – photographer with six employees

7,103  – CFO of a publishing company

5,070  – software engineer

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I talked with many successful business professionals and I’m excited about posting my findings in the days to come. But more so, I really want to know what YOU think! Please tell me about your email nightmares, best practices, or any tips you might add.  Subscribe to my blog to keep up with updates in your email inbox, oh the irony…

2 Responses to “Do you have 48,207 emails in your inbox?”

  1. Lily Says:

    My husband — a silicon valley engineer — is happy when he can keep his inbox down to 1500 emails. I, a harpist, never have more than 50, and usually try to keep 25 or less. I have lots and lots of folders, though. My husband is a horizontal thinker, and has piles of stuff all over his office. I am a vertical thinker and prefer to have books on shelves and things hanging on hooks. Perhaps this pattern can be applied to email inboxes as well.

  2. Suzi Says:

    Wow. Horizontal and Vertical Thinkers. Such an intriguing concept!
    I find the more I research the topic of communication, the more it involves “organizing”. I also have found that there is no right or wrong way. Horizontal/Vertical Thinkers are definitely part of the whole picture.

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