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Curious about Communication | Phone Calls and Voicemails, Part Three


An easy fix to a phone problem.

I found that people often avoided phone calls (making and receiving), mainly because phone calls take longer.

Even when I was interviewing people, I would email them and say, “it’s about a ten minute call and could we please set up an appointment?”

Everyone liked that idea, but the actual calls took longer.  Whenever I just jumped in with my communication questions, it came off wrong, like I was not interested in the person I was interviewing for anything other than their interview answers (which was not remotely true, since everyone I interviewed are fascinating, successful people).

We seem to be programmed to be nice.
We make chit chat, even when we are just setting up a meeting.
It just seems too terse when dealing with a live human.
So, here’s the solution.

When you answer the phone, don’t ask “how are you?”

Instead, ask
What can I do for you?”

The call will proceed directly into the issue at hand without seeming rude or abrupt.  You can be pleasant and productive at the same time.

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