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Curious about Communication | Phone Calls and Voicemails, Part Two


Want to improve and even possibly look forward to your phone communications? Use phone appointments.

Benefits to phone appointments:

•  it sends a message that you and your time are precious (even if you are vegging out, watching tv, you don’t need people to know that)
•  you don’t have to keep your schedule open, waiting for a phone call that might happen in the next two or three hours
•  by dedicating one time slot in to a person, they will feel more important since you are devoting that time to them
•  it avoids phone tag and missed calls
•  you can use the ten minutes before the call to mentally prepare

Add an email for extra benefits:
In conjunction with email, send an email ahead of time with the points you will be covering.

•  Both parties can then prepare.  No hemming and hawing while people brainstorm during the call
•  It keeps the phone call on track, again saving time and avoiding tangents
•  It indicates that you are results-oriented (another great impression to make)

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