Tie a string around your finger three times a day

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It’s not practical to tie a string around your finger for every day for the rest of your life, just to remember to check your voicemail.

I was at a networking event and someone mentioned an App, a free one at that, which would help solve my problem. I signed up that same afternoon and have been over the moon about it.
The software: YouMail.
There are many other companies who offer a service of “visual voicemail”, so just pick one and sign up!

How YouMail works:
When a call comes in, it forwards to a YouMail inbox on my iPhone.
But really, that’s just one more place I would have to look to check messages.
I already have enough places to check.

No, the brilliant thing is that it sends you an email.
It gives the name of the caller, the number and at the bottom, there is a WAV file where I can listen to the message.

ALL in my email inbox.

For me, my email program is my headquarters.
It functions as my “to do” list and is synced with my address book and calendar.
I check my email the most and I use it the most.
How amazing to now have my voicemail messages in there too!
Those messages are now completely visible to me, better than any string around my finger.

I’m sure this service has been around for awhile, but I literally didn’t know it existed.
When I have told other people, they were amazed by it too.

One more cool benefit:  I have a business line from another area code that I really really really never remember to check.  I forwarded that too and now never miss a call.

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