your very own virtual clothespin

Curious about Communication | Voicemail Reminders


My mom used to keep a clothespin in the car.
She’d put it on her keys when she turned the headlights on.
This was back before the newfangled smartie cars we have today.
When she got out of the car, she’d see clothespin on her keys and turn off the lights.
Pretty important on those freezing cold Idaho winter mornings.
Moms are so smart!

When we’re driving, we’ve got so much that takes up our attention.
I know, dear readers, that you wouldn’t even think of talking on the phone while driving.
But, let’s say you do answer the phone.
It’s a business call.
You have a great conversation, you agree to a meeting or perhaps agree to send over information after the call.
How do you remember to do this when your hands are on the steering wheel?
(Because, dear readers, I know that you would never EVER type while driving).

Here’s your clothespin:
At the end of the call, ask the other person for help:

“Hi Joe Colleague,
Yes, I do think we should do a conference call with the Tokyo team about our widget.
Hey, are you in front of your computer?
Would you send me a quick email to remind me that we’re doing that conference call

Of course they will!  And you would do the same for them.

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