Paris food

I’m a bit of a food adventurer and I had some fantastic food experiences while in Paris.  However, for now, here are some of the more touristy things I ate while in Paris.

Breizh Cafe: bowl of real Breton cider and a “complete”, ham, egg and cheese in a buckwheat crepe.  Nicely done, but whoa, too much cheese.  Still, rather pretty, yes?  Plus I so enjoy a good sunny side egg.  Apologies to Alfred Hitchcock.


Berthillon ice cream:  I went to the original on Île Saint-Louis, did the queue, waiting for a taste of this famous ice cream.  Waiting in line involved a) listening to everyone around me wonder how long the line would take and b) listening to everyone strategizing about what flavors they would get.  This was somewhat amusing and made the twenty minute wait not seem so long.  Then I went and found a doorstep to sit on and here’s my verdict:  the coconut was divine, but the chocolate was too rich for me.  In the spirit of scientific inquiry, I went to quite a few glaciers to do tastings and Raimo by far had the most fascinating and nuanced flavors.  Go to Raimo…go!


Even though I knew this was a touristy thing to do, I thought is was a good option for an affordable and tasty meal.  Only 8 euros for the classic falafel at L’as du Fallafel in the Marais.  I was happily full after this and fueled for a few hours of wandering.


After three days of horrible espresso shots (yes, the classic French cafe drink, but lordy, so harsh tasting), I broke down and did a Google search for great lattes in Paris.  This was at Coutume over by the Bon Marché department store in the 6th.  It’s definitely trendier than I wanted but it was nice to sit there with the cool breeze coming in through the doors (it was record setting heat wave while I was there).  The latte was just okay, the beans were bitter. Télescope was vachement better!


Saving the best for last and not touristy in the slightest.  Télescope.  Quiet side street location and charming proprietor.  Possibly one of the best iced lattes I’ve ever had (as in my entire life)!  I ended up buying a two pound (!!!) bag of beans (El Salvador San Rafael Washed Pacas) that they roast themselves and took it back to Switzerland to enjoy for the rest of the trip.  That good!


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