Brooke Howsley of Pollen Floral Art teaches at Sabia in Austin

Sabia was founded by Jessica Slutsky and she has created an airy, sophisticated apothecary and spa. Sabia recently hosted a workshop by Brooke Howsley of Pollen Floral Art.  Brooke does outstanding floral arrangements for many favorite Austin businesses and weddings.  She also has been featured in a New York Times article about a younger generation becoming interested in floral arranging.

For the workshop, Brooke gave everyone a start on learning how to make unique floral centerpieces.  She has a true vision for incredible combinations of flowers, greens and vines, paired with interesting vessels.  See for yourself…






2 Responses to “Brooke Howsley of Pollen Floral Art teaches at Sabia in Austin”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Lovely flower arrangements in a lovely setting. Most have been lots of fun for all involved.

  2. Suzi Says:

    Hi Mimi,
    Yes, it was! Hope you can make it next time.

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