three guys, three lunches

I’m a little sheepish that I got back a roll of film and had managed to fill it with only three lunches with three guys.  I really should just become a food critic, it would serve so many of my needs.  Like enjoying good food.

So here we have

Mike, champion dart thrower with a laconic Dallas-surfer accent, enjoying Garrido’s on his birthday.

Jason, aka Middlebrow, literary professor and able drinker at Eastside Showroom.

Jim, radio announcer in training and triumphant sushi eater (at Musashino’s, not hard to be happy there!).  Also a birthday meal.  Could everyone please just have lots of birthdays, for the sake of my dining needs?




2 Responses to “three guys, three lunches”

  1. Jason Says:

    Great pics Suzi. I still like the Texas twist on the Pims cup.
    Lynn and I will have to come again.

  2. Suzi Says:

    It’s funny, that was back in May! So, yeah, you guys are overdue to visit. And us to SLC. Do they make Pims cup in SLC?

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