Wesleyan University time lapse

Noah, my husband, went to Wesleyan University in Connecticut.  We went for a visit in the year 2000.  Then, this year, we were in the area, so we decided to visit again. 

I thought it’d be fun to recreate the same portraits.  We didn’t have the same red plaid button down shirt, and I totally forgot that I used to shoot wide angle lenses (I only brought my Zeiss 50mm on this trip), so it’s not quite the same.  I also shoot more verticals now.  It was fun a little challenge for me to make this work.





Plus…they removed the old scoreboard from the building next to the playing field!  What a bummer, it was soooooo cool.  This black and white shot from 2000 shows it pretty well.


And here’s Noah in front of the Performing Arts building.  He was a film major this is his hangout.  Notice the open area to the left of the building?  Checkout the very last photo…




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