Couture saris by Bridal Motif in Austin

Check it out, that’s me!  Wearing a stunning pink, gold and red sari by Jaya Shukla of Bridal Motif in Austin.

Jaya creates couture saris and lehenga cholis.  I went to her showroom and she graciously loaned me one of her saris for the Austin November ISES meeting, “Where East Meets Tex”, which was about Hindu and Chinese wedding customs.  I wanted to show off her beautiful handiwork and also wanted to find out what it was like for my brides to get ready for their ceremony.  It was fascinating. The sari, essentially a 5 or 6 yard piece of fabric, was tucked in at my waist on one end, pleated around my body and draped over my left shoulder.  Jaya did this so quickly and effortlessly.  It is wonderful to have her here in Austin as a resource for Indian wedding wear.

By the way, the sari was super comfortable and I even had a fuschia bindi to put the finishing touches on my ensemble.


4 Responses to “Couture saris by Bridal Motif in Austin”

  1. Brooke Says:

    So nice on you! Saris always did look really comfortable to me, and the metallic thread detailing can’t be beat.

  2. andre vospette Says:

    That dress is so RED! I need new eyeballs!

  3. Suzi Says:

    It was indeed vibrant, a combo of pink, red and gold.

  4. jaya Says:

    love this on you, Suzi!

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