If you're like me, you're a bit unconventional. And you're okay with that. Especially when it comes to your wedding...


While you care deeply for your friends, you can't fathom having nine bridesmaids. You are considering a non-white dress. Instead of giving out cheesy favors, you are donating to your favorite charity. In a pinch, you'd hail a food truck rather than serve rubbery hotel chicken. Your gift registry is unabashedly a honeymoon fund. You like to laugh, however you would never dream of smushing wedding cake all over your sweetie's face.


Come rain or shine, all that matters is you are over the moon to be marrying your best friend.

You have a creative vision for your wedding day, a wonderful and intimate party to honor the special people in your life. And what you really want is to savor every moment.


The photos are the icing on the cake. You'll relive all the beauty and love you felt again and again.


My superpower is that I'm an Organized Artist. After years of doing big weddings - 300 guests, a crew of photographers, multiple locations and sometimes an elephant - I truly am a Time Genie. I create a relaxed, realistic timeline. We'll get you the unique and timeless images you are envisioning. And you'll actually get to attend your own cocktail hour and eat those yummy hors d'oeuvres.

My style is true to life, only a bit more pretty, like a perfect day captured.


I especially relish unposed candids! My inspiration is a 1960s black and white snap of my dad with his friends sitting poolside, wearing ridiculous sombreros, buzzed on margaritas and laughing. Can you just picture it? Everyone looks natural. Even though it was before I was born, it feels so immediate, and so true to my dad.


I'm inspired by artists who use wit and beauty to comment on life. Martin Parr, Keith Carter, Irving Penn, Julie Blackmon (her black & white series), Marcus Nilsson, Rodney Smith and Lisa Kokin. p.s. Did you find my secret gallery of personal work?

Or, film vs digital? No need to choose, I wholeheartedly use both!


Film is stunning straight out of the camera. No futzing in Photoshop, though if you desire, I can reattach arms removed by light sabers.


Digital is an equally important tool and I use the latest and greatest gear. Be it film or digital, the edit is viewable on the Interwebs.


And, no digital "spray and pray" shooting here. I document at a thoughtful pace, looking for those "in-between" moments you've pictured of your friends and family laughing and enjoying the amazing day you've created for them.

I have been flown to many cool places for a wedding. Plus, I've lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles, twice each, so I know and love these cities. I'm always happy to visit old friends and eat at Mission Chinese or Bottega Louie.

My travel is complimentary for Boise, the Bay Area, Napa Wine Country, Southern California, Sun Valley and Austin, Texas.


Yes, you read that right...FREE TRAVEL!!


P.S. If you are choosing to celebrate your destination wedding in Austin, I can help. I have a traveler's perspective, combined with a local's knowledge of wedding resources.