The most important people in your life are everyone who has made you who you are today: your family and friends, your dogs and kitties.

You're visual and can’t help it. Your style is simple, creative and tasteful with a hint of playful (since it’s silly to take yourself too seriously).  Oh and you're into art, music and yummy food?  Me too!  

My name is Suzi Q.  I’m the “Q” in Q Weddings.  I’m all of the above, plus artsy and goofy.  I must be doing something right...Martha Stewart Weddings chose me as one of their Top Photographers!  

...a quote from Valley Girl, one of my favorite movies. Here’s my own version:


I read the NY Times and Living Etc.  I Make stuff, especially things that cause people (or just me) to giggle.    


I’m a late-blooming cook.  Roasted parsnips are my newest discovery. I drink far too much jasmine tea.  I was a Zamboni driver.  I’m enthralled by cardinals, plywood, palm trees and Japanese textiles.  I’ve replaced enough lawns to be called The Cactus Lady.


If this does sound like a personals ad...I am married to Noah, the Best Guy in the Universe.

My dad died in 2001. I found out he had cancer, dropped everything and moved back home to be with him. I took a lot of photos. To this day, those images are my link to my dad. I cherish those images more than anything.


It’s made me so aware of the significance of photography. Such an amazing a way to travel back in time, to remember special people and moments.